About Us

Have you ever thought about raising honeybees but are a teeny bit uncomfortable having 60,000 insects with stingers commanding the air space in your yard?
Welcome to Why Do Bees, the place of information, enlightenment and inspiration!

Why do bees do what they do? And why is beekeeping one of the more positive things you can do for the planet these days?

• When you understand why bees do what they do, you’ll discover they’re easier to live with than many humans . . . and always more predictable. You’ll learn what makes them happy and productive . . . and what makes them buzz in an off key, like weeding too close to their hive. But more important, things like pesticides and monocultures and habitat loss. You’ll learn what you can do about these things. One person, one club at a time can make a big difference.
• The other thing is that doing bees is good not only for those of us who love honey (and almonds and apples and avocados . . . we’ll get to that), it’s also good for all the other critters out there. See, ultimately we’re all connected. You could just easily as put your efforts into yellow warblers or white rhinos. The effect would be the same – each species we care for helps keep our beautiful world stable. Pick one! I’m doing honeybees.

So if you’d like to learn the why and the how, come here often and make a beeline for your favorite topic:

Beekeeping – it’s 80% worry, 20% work, but you can turn that worry into fun with knowledge of their requirements and growth stages through the seasons.

Bee Biology – bees are social insects, like us. Discover their ideas about democracy, raising the next gen, how they see flowers, what’s in honey . . . the list is endless and amazing!

Chrysalis – this is my philosophy on beekeeping and what I call Lifekeeping. There’s a metamorphosis of the mind and heart that happens when you invest in another living thing. You start to see connections everywhere. And in this world, we need all the positive connections we can get. I’ll share some here and I welcome you to do the same.

Store and More – coming soon! Lip balms, body lotions, honey. I’ll also post recipes and honeybee-related health tips now and then.

Contact – of course, you can always contact me. I’d love to hear from you.